a roaring twenties “Gatsby” soirée

Man and woman sitting down on couch
Woman posing in Gatsby dress
Man taking photos
Man standing at counter
Man and women in front of vintage car
Tower of glasses
Decorated room
Woman singing
Women drawing winning ticket

Client: Samsung Semiconductor
Project: Gatsby: The Samsung Club
Location: Levi Stadium, Santa Clara
Event Type: Corporate Holiday Party
Attendees: 1400

The Challenge:
Samsung hired ThemeDream to produce a “classy & fun” holiday party and dinner reception for its employees that encouraged guest participation, games for coworker bonding, interactive photo opportunities, and memorable entertainment.

The Results:
ThemeDream transported over 1400 employees back to The Roaring Twenties at an overly extravagant soiree hosted at Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. Guests dawned their best wise guys and flappers attire, arriving to flashing paparazzi cameras as they walked the red carpet and posed next to a 1920’s vintage car. Guests entered the “The Samsung Club” to 1920’s music and a glamorous champagne tower where they received a ‘welcome’ champagne coupe. To immerse guests into this historical period in time, they were greeted by the old sport Jay Gatsby himself and other interactive 1920’s costumed actors. Feather fan dancers encouraged guests to put on a flapper feather boa or hold a mobster Tommy gun (plastic, of course) and pose in front of a black & white Cotton Club backdrop while a 1920’s costumed photographer with a vintage wooden camera took their photos. The Samsung Club featured 4 different themed lounge areas (Crystal, Gold, Feather, Pearls) each decorated to Gatsby opulent theme. The Lion Bar showcased large gold lion statues and a “Prohibition Cocktails” menu featuring 1920’s-inspired libations such as “Jay’s Rickey” and “Daisy’s Giggle Juice”. Guests played ring toss on gold champagne bottles to win mini-Moet bottle prizes, while Lady Luck allured more daring gamblers to toss for Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon bottle prizes placed in the most challenging of locations. A Roaring Twenties party wouldn’t be complete without gambling and swindling, so The Samsung Club featured black jack, craps and roulette tables, 1920’s costumed dealers, and a bankroll for guests to feel like a high roller. The evening ended with a live music, playful Charleston and Fox Trot dancing, as the band slowly brought guest back to modern day with Top 40 dance hits that kept the dancefloor packed until the lights came on by a police liquor raid… Remember, this used to be a dry country! However, guests did not leave before taking breathtaking photos outside on the 49er football field with “The Samsung Club” on the stadium’s jumbotron screens. 

Services Provided:
Creative Direction ◇ Experiential ◇ Fabrication ◇ Immersive Environments ◇ Set Design ◇ Audio/Visual ◇ Custom Video Graphics ◇ Lighting ◇ Custom Décor ◇ Gaming ◇ Entertainment ◇ Talent Management ◇ Staffing ◇ ◇ Catering Management ◇ Graphic Design ◇ Photography Services ◇ Videography Services