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Client: Ozumo Santana Row
Project: THElounge
Location: San Jose, California
Event Type: Live Music Program Activation
Attendees: 10,000+

The Challenge:
Fine-dining Japanese restaurant Ozumo Santana Row was seeking a business model for an after-dinner revenue stream and hired ThemeDream to design an entertainment and digital marketing program that would attract new customers to their venue after dinner hours.

The Results:
ThemeDream consulted Ozumo on launching a live music program called “THElounge” that would compliment their restaurant’s upscale brand. ThemeDream first physically enhanced Ozumo’s lounge area with hundreds of LED candles, lush curtains to create an intimate atmosphere, and map projection visuals of fire, rain, and ocean waves on its walls to transform the restaurant’s interior into something more warm, inviting and cocktail-conducent. Next, ThemeDream brought in audio engineers to design a live music sound system and carpenters to build a custom-fit music stage. ThemeDream very meticulously curated live music acts that targeted different age demographics and types of music enthusiasts. THElounge featured r&b, soul, acoustic rock, classic rock, pop, top 40, hip hop jazz, live jazz, as well as tribute bands of Prince, The Police, and The Eagles. sourcing, booking and managing all live music acts. ThemeDream then executed the digital marketing campaign to launch THElounge for its first 3 months until the music program was up and running smoothly. The initiative proved extremely profitable for the restaurant. ThemeDream then trained Ozumo management on managing the music program and its marketing internally. Ozumo Santana Row has now become one of the most popular live music lounges in the San Jose area.

Services Provided:
Creative Direction ◇ Set Design ◇ Audio/Visual ◇ Lighting ◇ Entertainment ◇ Talent Management ◇ Music Programming ◇ Bar Menu Design ◇ Graphic Design ◇ Photography Services ◇ Digital Marketing