Need a great idea
for an event?

Or need your current event idea taken to an unprecedented level? Companies turn to ThemeDream because we think differently. We come up with experience-rich ideas no one else thinks to do and we do them. Ideas that people think are too difficult, we find a way. We don’t just dream up big ideas, we dream up practical solutions to execute those big ideas. Here at ThemeDream, we break the format, we disrupt the status quo, we think outside of the box and deliver unprecedented live experiences that leave your guests applauding your efforts.

We transform an ordinary space
into eye-opening alternate universe.

We transform an ordinary space into eye-opening alternate universe.

We can take your idea and harmoniously interweave spectacular live entertainment, dramatic theatrical décor, state-of-the-art lighting & visuals, meticulously-curated atmospheric music, artfully-presented cuisine and insta-worthy craft cocktails to tell a sensational story. Whether you are seeking an experience-rich event or something much simpler, ThemeDream knows how to put a clever and creative spin on it to make it memorable.

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Here are some examples of simple ideas made into extraordinary experiential events…

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0011_Speakeasy

400 senior executives were transported back to the Prohibition Era of underground gambling casinos, ‘password required’ gin joints, interactive “wise guy” actors, “flapper girl” singers and dancers, police raids, prison mug shots, and lots of giggle juice.

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0008_Imagine

San Francisco iconic Palace of Fine Arts’s ‘first in history’ New Year’s Eve gala where ThemeDream transformed over 140,000 square feet into a magical, fairytale playground with 11 immersive worlds and over 25 performers entertaining over 4,000 guests!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0009_Pirates of-Samsung

A "Pirates of the Caribbean"-inspired amusement theme park inside California's Great America immersing thousands of guests into the scallywag world of pirates and “aarghs!” featuring a Cirque du Soleil-inspired “Shiver Me Timbers Show” and a 40’ pirate ship!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0010_Taste of-Thrones_1

Tens of thousands of people experienced the 6-week San Francisco pop-up restaurant and bar sensation inspired by the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” that transported guests into the World of Westeros featuring the Iron Throne and a 26’ dragon!