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We are event marketing experts with a proven track record of sold-out events.

Companies seeking to host hugely successful public events turn to ThemeDream for digital marketing support. ThemeDream offers a full range of digital marketing services. Let us remove the worry about how you are going to fill the seats. If your company is looking for new, innovative ways to market your business, you’ve come to the right place

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Case Study 1:
@ Palace of Fine Arts

When San Francisco’s iconic Palace of Fine Arts was launching their new venue rental space, they turned to ThemeDream to create tremendous public awareness. ThemeDream produced and marketed “IMAGINE”, the first-ever New Year’s Eve gala in history at this national landmark. ThemeDream’s eye-catching marketing campaign for IMAGINE sold over 4000 tickets, far exceeding Palace of Fine Arts’ sales expectations of 2000 guests.

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Case Study 2:
“Taste of Thrones”
@ 25 Lusk

Michelin-star & James Beard chef restaurant 25 Lusk sought out ThemeDream to generate new revenue during its slower season. ThemeDream’s digital marketing campaign for a Game of Thrones-inspired pop-up bar and dinner series called “Taste of Thrones” catalyzed a social phenomenon. Originally scheduled to be open for only 2 weeks, the project was quickly extended to 6 weeks as ThemeDream sold-out every dinner seating before the public attraction even had a chance to host its grand opening. ThemeDream generated more customer demand than could be filled, with a dinner wait list of over 1000 foodies, bar lines down the street every night, thousands of social media check-ins and tags to 25 Lusk by guests, front page newspaper articles, CBS News featured segments, as well as generating close to a half million in food & beverage revenue in 6 weeks!

Our digital marketing services include:

• Market Research
• Social Media Marketing
• Influencer Marketing
• Online Advertising
• Search Engine Advertising

• Email Marketing
• Website Design
• Online Registration
• Online Ticketing
• Search Engine Optimization

• Graphic Design
• Photography
• Video Production
• Content Creation

View client projects where ThemeDream digital marketing team delivered sold-out events!

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Guests crawled through a rabbit hole entrance, sipped on “Drink Me” bottles, dined at ‘mad tea party’ decorated tables, as they enjoyed “Alice in Wonderland” inspired outlandish live performances and interactive

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Tens of thousands of people experienced the 6-week San Francisco pop-up restaurant and bar sensation inspired by the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” that transported guests into the World of Westeros featuring the Iron Throne and a 26’ dragon!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0008_Imagine

San Francisco iconic Palace of Fine Arts’s ‘first in history’ New Year’s Eve gala where ThemeDream transformed over 140,000 square feet into a magical, fairytale playground with 11 immersive worlds and over 25 performers entertaining over 4,000 guests!

placeholder imageproject_logos__0000s_0006_Haunted Dinner

A Halloween-themed dining experience in a haunted house setting served by the living dead with Instagram-worthy plate presentations, ‘witch’-craft cocktails and a spooktacular show of ghoulish performances such as vampire ballet and Freddy on violin!